Monday, April 20, 2015

Five Types of Websites that you can build with Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create an unlimited number of FREE websites if you have a google account.  Also, you can design website for almost any purposes.  Here are the types of websites that you can build with Google Sites.

1. Website for Company or Brand

You can use Google sites to build a fascinating public facing website for your product branding or organization.  For example, you can add dynamic components and multimedia files such as slideshow, flash, video and many others. Also, you can embed Google Form for online contact us form and google maps to show your business locations.  Plus, you can embed google hangout call gadget to make visitors call you or start hangout in one click.

2. Project site

The project can be managed through Google Sites.  You can make a private website and share the site to an authorized user to view or edit the entire sites or certain web pages with page level permissions.  Also, you can add materials to manage proposals, RFQ, calendar, Google Sheets with Gantt Chart, project documents.

3. Intranet

An intranet can help you not only to boost internal communications.  You can also create an Intranet or enterprise portal for only users who have same google apps domain. 

Google Sites based intranet can include custom gadgets such as Announcements, News, Company Calendar, Today's Weather, Stock Market Index as well as Gmail/Inbox, Workflow, Google Drive document list, Dashboard for the management.  All gadgets can be personalized for team, company or a single user.  In short, you can also widen the Portal as a Business Intelligent tool for your management. 

4. Website Templates

You can create a deployable template website with rich contents and simply make a copy and deploy into your partner or guests’ website.  For example, an agent can create a template with insurance information such as e-Brochure, marketing materials, policies, videos, and it can be used for individual or business clients after changing the logo and names.

5. eCommerce Website

Yes, you can build an eCommerce site with Google Sites.  Add buy now button with a shopping cart feature, so visitors can add items to a cart, modify the quantity and check out.

Google Sites can be your ultimate website platform.  
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