Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two ways to Embed a Flash file into Google Sites

Google Sites is the simplest way to make information available to individuals who require fast, current access. With Google Sites, developing a website is as simple as modifying a document and you constantly manages who has access, be it only your group, yourself, or even your entire organization.

However it is no more a strange news that Google sites do not support Flash, CSS or JavaScript, which is one of the barriers people faced when attempting to use Google web hosting.

Conversely, there are several ways available through which you can embed flash, CSS or even complex JavaScript based web applications to the Google sites and also design a stylish website. To achieve this, you can either attach a flash file to Google sites or host a flash file via Google Drive.

Likewise through these techniques, you can upload and post virtually any still content on your site together with HTML pages, flash banner, flash images for website, CSS, icons, video & audio files as well as podcasts.

This tutorial will teach you how the two options mentioned above can be carried out.


Step 1. Once you have developed your flash file (.swf) for instance Penguin Diner with any flash banner software, the next thing would be to login into your Google Sites, navigate to your site, and click on the Gear icon (More Actions) at the top right corner of the page and then, click on the "Manage site" menu.


Step 2. Navigate to "Attachments" on the left navigation bar to upload your flash file. After that, copy the link address by right clicking on “View” link. For instance,


Step 3. Return to your site, and click on the pencil button to create or edit a page. This opens an editing window of Site page.

Step 4. Click the "HTML" button on the main toolbar to embed the link below html codes;
Replace the (swf) file link with yours and also, adjust the width and height.


<embed src="" width="800" height="500" pluginspage=""></embed>


Step 1. Once you have developed your flash file (.swf), the next thing would be to upload the (swf) file into your Google Drive.

Step 2. Change the link sharing to Public on the web access.

Step 3. Change the link URL to host flash file with Google Drive. In this case, (Google Drive View) (Google hosting view)

Step 4. After entering the Google hosting view link on your browser, copy the converted link address, as seen in the link below.

Step 5. Return to your site, and click on a pencil button to create or edit a page. This will open for you an editing window of Site page.

Step 6. Navigate to "Insert" menu at the top of the editing window, and then click “More Gadgets”. (In this case I will use a gadget)


Step 7. Search and select “Include gadget (iframe)”


Step 8. Copy the universal URL link into "URL to content (required)" field and likewise, enter the width and height.

Conclusively, perhaps you are searching for how to quickly host your sites however you have no access to any web hosting server, Google Drive is an excellent choice. While Google Drive is used for Google web hosting, Google site on the other hand is a Google site builder tool.

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