Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two ways to Embed a Flash file into Google Sites

Google Sites is the simplest way to make information available to individuals who require fast, current access. With Google Sites, developing a website is as simple as modifying a document and you constantly manages who has access, be it only your group, yourself, or even your entire organization.

However it is no more a strange news that Google sites do not support Flash, CSS or JavaScript, which is one of the barriers people faced when attempting to use Google web hosting.

Conversely, there are several ways available through which you can embed flash, CSS or even complex JavaScript based web applications to the Google sites and also design a stylish website. To achieve this, you can either attach a flash file to Google sites or host a flash file via Google Drive.

Likewise through these techniques, you can upload and post virtually any still content on your site together with HTML pages, flash banner, flash images for website, CSS, icons, video & audio files as well as podcasts.

This tutorial will teach you how the two options mentioned above can be carried out.


Step 1. Once you have developed your flash file (.swf) for instance Penguin Diner with any flash banner software, the next thing would be to login into your Google Sites, navigate to your site, and click on the Gear icon (More Actions) at the top right corner of the page and then, click on the "Manage site" menu.


Step 2. Navigate to "Attachments" on the left navigation bar to upload your flash file. After that, copy the link address by right clicking on “View” link. For instance,


Step 3. Return to your site, and click on the pencil button to create or edit a page. This opens an editing window of Site page.

Step 4. Click the "HTML" button on the main toolbar to embed the link below html codes;
Replace the (swf) file link with yours and also, adjust the width and height.


<embed src="" width="800" height="500" pluginspage=""></embed>


Step 1. Once you have developed your flash file (.swf), the next thing would be to upload the (swf) file into your Google Drive.

Step 2. Change the link sharing to Public on the web access.

Step 3. Change the link URL to host flash file with Google Drive. In this case, (Google Drive View) (Google hosting view)

Step 4. After entering the Google hosting view link on your browser, copy the converted link address, as seen in the link below.

Step 5. Return to your site, and click on a pencil button to create or edit a page. This will open for you an editing window of Site page.

Step 6. Navigate to "Insert" menu at the top of the editing window, and then click “More Gadgets”. (In this case I will use a gadget)


Step 7. Search and select “Include gadget (iframe)”


Step 8. Copy the universal URL link into "URL to content (required)" field and likewise, enter the width and height.

Conclusively, perhaps you are searching for how to quickly host your sites however you have no access to any web hosting server, Google Drive is an excellent choice. While Google Drive is used for Google web hosting, Google site on the other hand is a Google site builder tool.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Five Types of Websites that you can build with Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create an unlimited number of FREE websites if you have a google account.  Also, you can design website for almost any purposes.  Here are the types of websites that you can build with Google Sites.

1. Website for Company or Brand

You can use Google sites to build a fascinating public facing website for your product branding or organization.  For example, you can add dynamic components and multimedia files such as slideshow, flash, video and many others. Also, you can embed Google Form for online contact us form and google maps to show your business locations.  Plus, you can embed google hangout call gadget to make visitors call you or start hangout in one click.

2. Project site

The project can be managed through Google Sites.  You can make a private website and share the site to an authorized user to view or edit the entire sites or certain web pages with page level permissions.  Also, you can add materials to manage proposals, RFQ, calendar, Google Sheets with Gantt Chart, project documents.

3. Intranet

An intranet can help you not only to boost internal communications.  You can also create an Intranet or enterprise portal for only users who have same google apps domain. 

Google Sites based intranet can include custom gadgets such as Announcements, News, Company Calendar, Today's Weather, Stock Market Index as well as Gmail/Inbox, Workflow, Google Drive document list, Dashboard for the management.  All gadgets can be personalized for team, company or a single user.  In short, you can also widen the Portal as a Business Intelligent tool for your management. 

4. Website Templates

You can create a deployable template website with rich contents and simply make a copy and deploy into your partner or guests’ website.  For example, an agent can create a template with insurance information such as e-Brochure, marketing materials, policies, videos, and it can be used for individual or business clients after changing the logo and names.

5. eCommerce Website

Yes, you can build an eCommerce site with Google Sites.  Add buy now button with a shopping cart feature, so visitors can add items to a cart, modify the quantity and check out.

Google Sites can be your ultimate website platform.  
Build your own website for yourself or hire Sites experts to get started.  Don't miss to check Google Sites Design essentials during the Site development.

Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Make a Mobile Friendly Site with Google Sites and Get a Higher Rank

Google has released a very important news last week which will greatly impact on Google's search engine result page (aka SERP).

That is, Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher on the SERP.  Google announced a major change in an official blog

It will impacts everyone, anywhere from individuals, small businesses, non-profits to large organizations who has the websites.  If you have a website and want to show your website on a higher rank, it is a mandate that optimizes your website as a mobile friendly.

Because nowadays people spend more time on mobile rather than on computers people search and visit the website through mobile more than computers.

The analysis by comScore also supports the trend. On Jan 2014, Mobile exceeds PC internet usages for the first time in history.

Google has announced that starting April 21st it will be expanding its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.  This change will affect in all languages worldwide.

In order to help you to build the mobile friendly website, Google offered a tool called Mobile-Friendly Test website.  To get you started, simply enter your website address and you can find the test result.

There's a good news for Google Sites lovers since Google Sites, which is developed by Google has advantages.  You can make a mobile friendly website in one click.  For example, find the test result to see 'Google Sites for Mobile'.

<Before Mobile Friendly>

<After Mobile Friendly>

The secret of 'Google Sites for Mobile' is simple.  I have just checked on 'mobile option' as below screenshot to get the mobile friendly site. For more information, please refer to the previous article here.

However, please note that even if you have designed a website with Google Sites and checked on mobile it may not look perfect on mobile.  In that case, you would need to fine tune it to make more mobile friendly websites.  Also, you can think of developing an optimum Google Sites for mobile phone resolution.

After all, this change could motivate people that currently don't have a mobile-friendly site to create one.

If you have questions about your Google Sites development for mobile or how to optimize design, contact us at info[@]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7 Things You Should Not Miss for Your Google Sites

Google Site is a development tool offered by Google. If you have a personal Gmail or Google Apps account, you can create an unlimited number of web sites without any fee. You can create a company website, the project site or a corporate intranet website and many more. 

In addition, you can limit the access to the site to allow only an authorized user can view or edit the site or make it as a public website.

Google Sites does not cost you a web hosting fee or maintenance fee as this is totally free and available within your Google account.

You can simply edit the website by log in, edit the contents and save so you will feel it is like a word processor software.

For example, you can give a site editing permission for particular web pages so even a non - tech person to like sales people can edit the contents.

Google Sites is not only Google search friendly site, but also it provides you a way to integrate with 60 Google Services such as YouTube, Google Drive, Google Maps, Picasa and etc. In other words, you can embed Google services in a few clicks.

There are minor but important things that you should not miss for Google Site development.

1. Favicon

The favicon (favorite + icon) is an icon that is displayed in a browser's address bar.

You can create a favicon by changing file format as .ico from square image (eg, 50x50 pixcel) of the company or product logo. And go to the 'Manage site > Attachments' and upload the file.

For example, below animation shows how to create a favicon. After uploading the file, you will see that the icon is reflected in the title bar.

2. Footer

The copyright statement, social icons at the bottom of the website are the essential. By default, custom footer is disabled, so you need to enable under 'Edit Site Layout' and add the content in the footer.

3. Online Contact Form

Using Google Forms, website visitors can enter the required information via the online form. The form is connected with Google Spreadsheet so you may receive an immediate email once a visitor submits the form. And you can embed the Google Form on a Google Site page.

You may also consider to use Jotform for beautifully designed form and embed on Google Sites, but there are limitations on a number of submissions for free version. So consider a pros and cons between Google Form versus Jotform. 

4. Page Settings

The 'Page Settings' is where you specify the 'meta tags'. In other words, this is the place for a meta description of the page for the search. Meta description and keywords are the essential element for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Enter 2 or 3 sentences with keywords so your website can be better exposed. 

You may also consider to uncheck 'Allow attachments' and 'Allow comments' to prevent unwanted posting and attachment by visitors.

5. Privacy for Google Sites Activities

If you develop a website alone, or build with collaborators as a team, you may want to hide site change activities showing from website visitors. Google Site is configured to show all site activities in public, so you need to adjust Access settings by choosing 'Collaborators only' under Users who can access site activity and revision history. 

Also, Check to hide 'Recent Changes' link at the bottom of the website. Go to 'Edit Site Layout' and click 'System Footer' Area to bring the pop-up as below and check it.

6. Site Analytics

If the website development is completed, it is not the end. It is very important to set up a Web site to allow for statistical analysis and search optimization. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and it is a free tool you can register and create a code for your website and paste into the entry fields.

7. Optimize for Mobile

Many users visit the website through mobile these days. Keep in mind how does your website would look at the mobile phone as well. Google Sites does not provide Responsive Web Design (RWD) so even if you have designed the beautiful website, it may not look natural on mobile phone. 

Check or Uncheck 'Automatically adjust site to mobile phones' to preview on mobile phone.

If you want the perfect website for mobile phone, you may build a Google Site for mobile phone and insert a link in the Footer section so your mobile users can choose between computer and mobile version. 

If you have questions about your Google Sites development project or learn more about the Google Site development, visit BNH Services or get a beautifully designed template at Google Sites Templates website.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Five Myths about Google Sites

Five Myths about Google Sites
Google Sites, a member of the Google Apps family, is a strong tool for creating wikis and web pages. Offered through the Google Apps Productivity suite, it allows individuals to create a collaborative website where numerous users can share files. Sadly, not many people know about Google Sites despite the potential benefits it has to offer. This is because of a number of myths that plague users’ minds and prevent them from availing this service.

If you have heard a few bad things about Google Sites, check them against the following top myths about this service and discover the truth.

Myth #1) Google Sites isn’t Free

People have gotten used to finding a catch in everything, which is why it’s easier to suspect that such a valuable service comes with a price. However, Google Sites is free. Regardless of the number of websites you create, rest assured that you don’t have to pay a dime, not even for upkeeping or web hosting.

Myth #2) Google Sites Doesn’t Offer Much Storage

Sites created via a personal Gmail have a storage quota of 100 MB per site.  Now this may seem less for many. However, considering the fact that embedded Google Documents, YouTube videos or other Google services don’t count against your storage quota, you’ll be getting a good deal. If you still want more, you can go for a site through Google Apps to get 10 GB per domain. If that isn’t enough, you have the Google Apps for Business option, which provides you with 10 GB plus 500 MB per paid user.

Myth #3) Google Sites Can’t Produce a Company Website

Just a peek into Google Sites’ landing page will disprove this myth. For starters, you will see that the service offers company intranet and project work site templates. Another factor which disproves this “fact” is the availability of Google Site’s services company-wide through Google Apps Premier Edition. With this plan, you will get:
  • 10 GB of storage and 500 MB for each user account
  • Sharing settings for managing Google Sites
  • Easy publishing features
  • Integration of Gmail with 25 GB e-mail storage per account
  • Addition of Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk for easy collaboration
With so much to offer, how can Google Sites not be suitable for company websites?

Myth #4) Google Sites Has Limited Functionality

Because Google Sites doesn’t support CSS or JavaScript, many conclude that the service is limited. However, Google has always prided itself on having a unique architecture. Therefore, rather than supporting these conventional tools, it uses XML, RSS, JQuery, custom gadgets and 60 of its services including Google Apps Scripts, YouTube and Google Maps. That way your website can be highly interactive.

If you’re still feeling down about not being able to use JavaScript, there is a way out using Google Gadgets. Gadgets are applications written in XML, HTML and JavaScript. Developers create these using the Google Gadgets API. However, you’re welcome to use prebuilt gadgets from the Gadget Gallery. Some applications you may like are those displaying RSS feeds or the local weather. You can even customize the gadgets through the WYSIWYG editor without ever interacting with the code.

Myth #5) Google Sites Have a Bad Design

Web pages made with Google Sites usually look attractive since you get to choose from dozens of design themes, which include images, backgrounds and text styles. You can also go to the Template Gallery to pick a template for your whole site’s layout and structure. However, if these don’t produce the results you want, you can always get in touch with a Google Sites web designing company like BNH Services.
BNH Services offers you the chance to improve your communication and enhance your visibility virtually. Through its Google Sites Design service, you can get two drafts and three web page designs, Google Apps setup, and Google Search Engine submission.

To give you a peak at what you can get by hiring a specialist Google Sites developer such as
BNH Services, here are some examples.

So if these myths have stopped you from choosing Google Sites in the past, don’t let them do so in the future.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Create a movie for Google Street View

People who have been in search of services that enables them to create a movie from ‘Google Street ViewTM’ with just one click do not have to wait any longer because the service is now available to one and all.

Anyone who has ever used Google Maps loves it and one of the biggest factor that contributes to its popularity is the ‘street view’ feature which is available to all Google Map users. With the street view feature of maps, you will be able to see the actual view of streets and places that you would like to go to.

However, one big problem with this was that people were not properly able to take the images from the Street View and implement them in a time lapse movie which could help them overview their entire trip or journey.

‘Street View MovieTM’ is one of its kind and is the very first worldwide web services that gives you the chance to create a virtual tour and save it as a movie with only a few clicks here and there.


The service is easy and simple to navigate through and the users will only need to enter the addresses of the departure and arrival locations and click ‘Route’ to plan the virtual route. Once this is done, the service will allow you to click and play the entire time-lapse movie where you will be able to view everything without difficulty. After you have played the virtual movie, you can save it as a movie file which can be played again whenever you may need it.

If you are not yet convinced with the things that the Street View Movie service can provide you with, then let me tell you a little bit about the practical uses of where you can use this amazing software.

  • Road Trip Planner: As a road trip planner, the services will assist you in creating a movie of a place where you have either been before or not. This means that if you are travelling to a location which you have never seen before, this service will make it easier for you to get through the area.
  • Navigation Advisor: This service is also a great navigation advisor or companion as you will be able to envision your location before you even start up your car.
  • Directions Guide to your Place: A common problem that a lot of us face is that of giving directions to our house or office guests. The Street View Movie will be able to help you out here as well because it will show the movie to your guests so that they aren’t confused about the location.

Here’s what Harry Jung, creator of Street View Movie said about the service “This is your ultimate virtual tour guide. You can make the most of Google Street View. Just click and play to drive anyplace you want and you don’t need to download anything from your browser”.

Using the service is as easy as pie as the user will only need to click on the play button and the software will begin to show you the images per second so it everything will be done in a proper flow. Once you have created your movie, you can save it on your computer or mobile and keep it for use at a later time.

Because the Street View Movie follows the Google Street View Terms of Services (TOS) we assure you that we never store the images of your locations on our servers.

If you would like to learn more about the StreetView Movie service, all you will need to do is to go to and test the service which you can sign up to for free.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BNH Services design your next website with Google Sites

BNH Services, a cloud solution development company, located in the heart of Silicon Valley has just recently announced the Google site development services.

Google sites are simply a website hosting platform which lets you design your own site without having any prior knowledge of computer programming or any computer skills.  Also it will automatically become Google search friendly. However, that is not all that the technology has to offer, with Google sites, you don’t need to pay any fee while setting up the website because it is created under your Google account.

The platform basically makes use of HTML coding, like Wordpress and guarantees that you will not be disappointed with the end result. Google sites now have functionalities which help you create just as powerful and popular designs as you could with Wordpress. BNH
Services knows what Google sites can offer you, and understands and fulfill your needs using their technology.

Services is not just limited to public site building; instead, it also offers you the chance to build intranet websites as well. This means that BNH can help you develop a collaborative website which can only be accessed by authorized personnel such the internal staff or partners.

Services presents you with a reasonable price in industry. The base price for Google Site Design Package is $499 (one-time fee) and it includes Google Sites design with two drafts with a slideshow and can decorate up to five web pages. Also, BNH Services offers premade Google site templates with a slide you can instantly create and custom for your website at only $50 and you will get a 20% discount if you order by the end of the year.

“We understand that our customers need assistance to help them migrate from the current traditional websites to a Google based friendly website, so we lend a hand whenever we can to make their site the best among the best using Google sites.” says Harry Jung, director of marketing in BNH Services.

There are many benefits of creating your website with BNH
Services and one of the greatest is that BNH Services can expand your Google Site to custom applications. For example, you can run Google Sites as enterprise portal and build cloud based information systems on a Google cloud platform, like the Google app engine.

To learn more about the services that BNH
Services has to offer, visit BNH Services website at BNH Services also has a partner program which works with Google Apps so that the needs of the Google app customers are met.

About BNH Services, Inc:

"BNH" stands for Big Dreams and Happiness. BNH Services is an organization which offers you the chance to develop a website using Google Sites. The technology that is being used is free and secure; search engine optimized and has made editing so much easier. With BNH Services, you will able to create websites which are Google integrated and collaborated.

PR contact: (408) 982-7363